Hey! My name is Matt - this is just a blog to experiment.


A quick intro!

This is my first blog post, one of many I think! It’s not going to be perfect – and I will be intentional about this. I tend to be a perfectionist, and if I am not careful, I will absolutely overthink this post and never actually publish.

A little about me? I’m a guy living in downtown Phoenix, working remotely, trying to figure out what I am passionate about, what I want out of life, etc.
I suppose this blog is a way for me to intentionally explore those questions that have haunted me for the last several years.

I’ve been dancing around the idea of starting this blog for some time, and since I have the domain, hosting, and Elementor subscription, I might as well finally do it.

I’m going to post this for now, but as inspiration / random thoughts strike, I’ll make sure to post them!

Until later!